Sunday, March 15, 2009

The new apartment

I have "officially" been living in my new apartment in San Telmo for 4 days now, ever since I got back from the beach trip extravaganza. I really like living here so far!

Though it's a 5 bedroom house, right now there are only 3 of us living here, me, an American girl name Andrea and a French girl named Julie. I really like both of them so far, and they also seem like they'll be good roommates (ie. clean, respectful, etc.). Apparently there is an Australian guy moving in tomorrow, so hopefully he'll be cool. And the 5th room is sort of in question, as my landlord Diego (a very cool 26 year old guy who is opening up a hostel around the corner) keeps telling us people are moving in and then they never do, and also from time to time suggests that he may move in... so we'll see.

Anyway, other than the 5 bedrooms (of which mine is by FAR the smallest) there are 2 bathrooms, a nice eat-in kitchen, a kind of entryway area that doubles as a living room-esque space with a couch, and every single bedroom has its own little balcony. Super sweet! There is also a shared roofdeck, though I haven't actually been up there much, as it doesn't have any furniture, and it appears it is primarily used for hanging laundry.

Anyhoo, I'll cut to the chase and show you some pictures! I know that's what you really want.

Here is my doorway. (I took these pictures today, which is a Sunday, so normally you'd see a little store to the right on the corner and a dry cleaner to the left, but both are closed for the day.) Of course, I couldn't resist using a photo with a bicycle in it. :-)

Here is the entryway as you walk in (luxurious, huh?):

And here is the side of the building where my room is. My balcony is on the right side of the building, 3rd floor up, the one in the middle.

Here is the view of the street from my balcony:

Alrighty, so moving into my room, here's what it looks like:

I hope you enjoyed the tour! Overall it's a very nice house in a very cool, funky little neighborhood. I've already done some exploring, and am trying to get to know the area a bit better. I love how the streets are cobblestoned in most parts of San Telmo, and the whole area has a very colonial feel to it. The architecture here is beautiful, and I'm obsessed with the fact that everyone has balconies covered in plants. I can't wait to get some plants for MY balcony!


heather said...

really gorgeous! you hit the jackpot, it seems, in all respects. can't wait to see it for real...only 65 days! xoxo

kirsten said...

so beautiful!! it reminds me a little bit of the tiny room i had in copenhagen (but wayyy sunnier!). miss you! xoxo

atown said...

Nice. I like your apt...and although your bedroom is small - it's very sunny and happy looking!

Amanda said...

OMG it is so pretty! Love the balcony! Definitely get some plants!

David Levin said...

nice! Kind of reminds me of New Orleans a little. The room may be small, but at least you have the balcony access! That's awesome.

Hi, I'm Erica. said...

Yeah I dig it! I could definitely go for some more space, but then again, I don't have nearly as much stuff with me as I did at home... good thing, because the room is about 1/4 the size of my one in Somerville... eek.

The balcony is amaaaazing! Literally, it currently is what is keeping me sane. Every morning I wake up, open up the doors, and take a good look around outside, soak in some sun, and breathe some morning air. It's become a lovely little ritual.

And yes, Manda, I will get some plants next week! When I get back from my 4 day long wine tasting weekend in Mendoza!!! Mwahahaha :-p

asquires said...

Looks lovely! I'm glad you're having such a blast in BA (and the beach extravaganza looks amazing).

Big T said...

awesome-awesome-awesome, Erica!!! I know that I am the greatest slacker ever, but I promise I will get you your photo CD soon... I just have to finish the book project and then my soul is mine again :)
Really glad you're doing fabulous! Wouldn't expect anything else of you!

I LOVED LOVED the balcony!
Natasha aka Big T (because everyone knows I'm huge, aha)

Anonymous said...

so awesome! I hope you are having a stellar time!