Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hilarious student quotes... about me

Haha!! My students crack me up.

Top two quotes I've received from students so far:

1. "Erica, you are half spicy woman, half crazy monkey!" (From Pedro, who has the pleasure of hearing my latest crazy stories every Friday afternoon.)


2. "Now I suppose I need a psychologist more than a teacher. The new girl is a good teacher, but she needs your piece of madness... and your portion of beer." (From Guillermo, in an email lamenting that I was no longer teaching him, and comparing me to his new teacher.)

I really, really, REALLY <3 my students!

I'll post more quotes if I think to write them down. I get some good ones from time to time. :-)


Ali said...

OMG the first quote is AMAZING. And by amazing, I mean spot on true. Half spicy woman have crazy monkey! It's perfect. You spicy little monkey...