Thursday, October 8, 2009

Help me plan

Anyone who has talked to me in the past few days knows that I'm basically freeeeeaking out about all the stuff I have to do and how little time I have to do it. HALP.

Basically, somehow I have less than 2 months in Buenos Aires?!?! How can this be?? No, really, where does the time go? And basically, amidst a week visit from my sister Christie this week (yay!) and a two week visit from my friend Dave in November (yay!), I also need to apply to grad school/ financial aid/ scholarships, and figure out my entire 4 month travel plan around South America!!!! All while still working. I'm on contract and am too nice (and frankly, too in need of the recommendation) to break it.

Okay, so this is where YOU, oh loyal reader, come in. I'm talking to YOU, anyone who has ever traveled around South America. I need some tips, because I'm running into some major issues.

The biggest one is that I hate planning, obviously. I'm the kind of traveler who likes to just show up to a place, see what's going on, and take it from there. And that is exactly what I would do if it weren't for various frustrating details like...

1. Visas. I need one for Bolivia and another for Brasil, and I apparently can't get them without having proof of how I'm entering and leaving the country, which means advanced tickets. :-( Ughhhh can someone help me get around this?
2. Carnival. I want to be in Rio de Janeiro for Carnival, which is going to be AMAZING amazing amazing amazing, but before all transportation into the city around that time completely sells out, I need to book my travel... which means I need to decide which city I'll be coming from, and when...
3. Various excursions, like Machu Picchu... so expensive! And reservations months in advance, are you kidding me? Can people with experience please chime in here and tell me the cheapest and most last minute ways to trek Machu Picchu?? I don't care if it's the Inca Trail, it can be an alternate route, but I am not spending $500 on a 4 day hike. Also, the Ciudad Perdida in Colombia... anyone done it? Tips? Good/ bad?
4. Christmas and New Years... god when did I become so sentimental... I just don't want to be alone at these holidays! So I'm attempting to do very illogical things in my travel plans in order to be near people I know for the holidays... which I think might be kind of stupid. Right now it's between Colombia (where roomie Diana is from) and Bolivia (where roomie Andrea will be), if that makes any sense.

As you can see, I'm scatter-brained and a horrible planner. That being said, I am SO EXCITED about the upcoming adventures! Just could use a few tips from those who've done it to help me get into the trip planning groove.