Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Truth

...Bawling me eyes out.

Today (technically yesterday, whatevs) was my last day in Boston. I didn't do anything too exceptional during the day, because I didn't want to make too big of a fuss. My going away party was last Saturday (SO.MUCH.FUN.), and so I didn't want to create additional unnecessary drama. After all, I am super emotional about this move, and I didn't want to be set off by anything...

So I went out to dinner with some of my closest friends and drank a TON of beer. Like, tons. Specifically, Cambridge Brewing Company has these "towers" of beer, which I like to call beer bongs, but anyway each one holds more than 6 beers, and is huge. Yeah, 7 of us drank 3 of those.... and then we headed for Zuzu!!! We danced, we pranced, we drank some more, we did the funky chicken. (Side note: I saw a guy across the room that I went on a date with my first month here in Boston, and although I couldn't for the life of me remember his name, I was still struck by how everything had come full circle.)

...And then was time to say good bye.

I bawled and bawled and bawled. I don't mean to be such a baby, but man, these are my BEST FRIENDS. I somehow kept it together when Sara and Corey said good bye, because they left early and so I hadn't had time to process the whole thing. But when I went to say good bye to Kirsten, Allison, and Ben at the end of the night, I totally lost it. Yep, me, the crying girl in the night club. Shocking. It all just hit me, you know? It hit me that these were my last moments for a long time with these people who were more to me than just friends. They are my family. They are my entire social life. They make me so happy. And they are the ones who really get me. few people do. I mean, let's me honest. I'm not your average chick.

And as I sit here typing as 2:51am, I am still crying, still so sad, still digesting all these emotions. Of course I know that this move is positive, that I'm going to be fine, and that there are plenty of exciting adventures ahead. I don't doubt it for a minute. But that doesn't make it any easier to look at my favorite people and know that I may not see them for a long time. Months... a year... I have no clue. And of course they will always be my friends. But we will never again have what we have now. It will never be what it is now again. That's just life. It evolves, we change. And change is good, but right now what I have and what I am leaving behind is too good not to sob about.

God, I'm babbling. My point: Thank you to everyone in Boston who has been a part of my life. Thanks to all of my awesome friends, roommates, co-workers, family... thank you all. When I first got here 3.5 years ago I thought I would hate it, and turns out I have found the most solid, awesome, life-long group of friends I have ever found. I am thankful for you all, and want you all to know how much I love you!!! I will miss everyone so much!

Tomorrow (today-- ahhh!!) I leave at 9am to go home to Westport to spend 5 days with my family, and then Thursday my plane leaves for Buenos Aires... here's to adventures, big risks, and following your dreams!!

And to my Boston friends: I'll be back. :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh man. I'm sure going to miss you but I am SO excited to hear of your adventures. <3

The Didden Family said...

Don't worry about leaving behind your life in Boston--it will be waiting for you when you get back! You're going to be great in Buenos Aires, and soon you'll be crying because it will be time to leave there :) Love you.

Amanda said...

You are a beautiful girl and I love you to PIECES!!! You will totally have a tremendous time in BA and we will all be here when you get back :)

Kirsten said...