Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bike Buenos Aires!


I am a happy, happy girl! I borrowed my roommate Greg's bike for the afternoon (why have I not done this yet?!?!) and took off with my friend Paul through San Telmo, downtown, and the ecological reserve. Awesome little ride, even though riding with these buses is NUTS!! Paul, by the way, is my insanely amazing friend who rode his bike in a year from New York to Buenos Aires! I mean, that is just about the coolest thing I have ever heard. Needless to say, he is an inspiration, and I'm so happy to have a bike obsessed friend to enjoy BsAs with!

I will buy a bike ASAP. Now that I know how fun it is, I'm on it! I don't have a place to put one, so the biggest obstacle is finding a place. I need to find a parking garage or something that would be willing to let me store it there for a low monthly rate. We'll see what I come up with. Then, I need to find myself a nice, used cruiser. Hopefully I can make all of this happen in the next couple of weeks.

But yes, the ride was so invigorating! The only time I've ridden a bike in Argentina was in Mendoza, which was awesome, but this was different! I got back in touch with my bike-commuter self. I miss riding through the streets of Boston, weaving through traffic and cruising up and down hills. I miss the feeling of liberation that it brings, that I can go anywhere at any time, that I can do anything. I miss that. I'm gonna get it for myself here. I want to ride my bike through Buenos Aires in the middle of the night and feel totally free. (With proper lights and safety measures, of course!) ;-p

Anyway, I love bikes!! Nothing has changed, except the fact that I don't currently own one. And THAT, my friends, will be changing very, very soon!