Friday, May 22, 2009


My mom and Bill are here! Yayyyyyy!!! It is SO amazing to have visitors, and I am loving it, even if I am getting absolutely no sleep (combining working with lesson planning and entertaining guests). It's 100% worth it.

Last night we went to the most amazing dinner at a yummy parrilla called La Brigada, where we all ate our body weight in meat, empanadas, salad, mashed potatoes, provoleta, and of course wine and dulce de leche. OMGOMGOMG I am still full.

Also, they are amazing and brought me a huge pile of stuff, mostly clothes and food. Actually, mostly food. :-) I am now happily in possession of Siracha sauce (aka cock sauce), Bragg's, pad thai mix, Reese's peanut butter cups, Teddie chunky peanut butter, and so much more. I'm a happy, happy girl.

Anyway, don't have much time to write, but just wanted to express my happiness to be in contact with the outside world!!


[dave] said...

ha my word validation is poehead.