Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Last beach days... can this be real?

I arrived in Florianopolis this morning after a 12 hour overnight bus from Sao Paulo. I´m so used to these insane bus rides that they don´t even phase me anymore. In fact, 12 hours feels like nothing. I am taking a 16 hour one this Thursday night to Iguazu Falls, and even that just makes me shrug my shoulders... and pop a Dramamine!

Anyway, Floripa, as they call it, is an island off the southern coast of Brasil. It´s gorgeous, hot, and kind of expensive, but also feels safe, so maybe it´s worth it. I´m staying in an area called Lagoa, which as its name suggests is right on an enormous lake. Its stunning, and a short and cheap bus ride to the beach. I spent a couple hours this afternoon lounging on the beach in Barra de Lagoa and then stopped by another beach called Praia Mole... both not only beautiful, but also packed with surfers and kite surfers. who are always entertaining to watch. I enjoyed my usual beach açai bowl (this time blended with bananas and granola), swam in the perfectly warmish (but still refreshing) water, and then made my way back leisurely, by way of the shopping district. Somehow got out without buying myself any presents! Plus, the views are just stunning. Anyone who is lucky enough to own property on this massive lake really has it made. It´s a sailing, kite surfing, water skiing, photography, and lounging paradise.

Anyway, just thought I´d check in and say greetings from my final beach destination! I won´t be seeing any beaches again for a while, until summer comes in Massachusetts! Or, until I get the job in Ecuador! Aghhhh!!! I can´t stop thinking about that. I find out by Friday if I have an interview or not, so continue sending the good vibes!