Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sandboarding Fail

There´s so many extreme and different sport options in South America. You can go hang gliding or SCUBA diving or swim with dolphins or really whatever you want, especially if you have cash to spend. I´ve kept it kind of tame, really just opting for lots of hiking/trekking and some snorkeling. But the one thing I REALLY wanted to do before I finished off this trip was sand boarding.. it´s like snow boarding (which I love), but on the sand! How cool is that! So I missed a variety of opportunities to go in Peru and other parts of Brasil, and decided that here in Florianopolis, for my final days on the beach, I would finally go. So yesterday I packed up my beach bag and headed out to catch the bus and... it started raining. And it rained all afternoon. And after a sunny morning, I packed my beach bag again today and headed out to the bus again and... it started raining. AGAIN.

SAND BOARDING FAIL. It rained my last 2 beach days. Grrrrr WHYYYYY???!!!

So this remains something pending that I need to do in my life. I want! Does anyone know if there are places to go on the east coast in the US? If so, I´m on it when I get back. If not, I´ll just add it to the list of things to do for my next South America trip... a surprisingly long list, considering how long I´ve been here and how much I´ve done!

This should have been me, but wasn´t. Enjoy.