Thursday, April 30, 2009

Already a crazy day!

Wow it is 1:30 in the afternoon, and it's already been nuts!!! Because...

1) I MET VIVIAN!!! Yes, THE VIVIAN!!! Vivian the enigma. Vivian who does not exist. I met her. And I'm shocked and delighted to report that she was quite friendly in person and I actually really liked her. She apologized for the craziness of the past (perhaps she's just bad on the phone??) and arranged to get me my money in a more timely fashion in the future. So, yay. :-)

2) There is a crazy strike going on all over Buenos Aires today, and my entire neighborhood is a nuthouse! There are cars and buses backed up for blocks and blocks and blocks honking and whatnot, as thousands of protesters take to the streets marching, banging drums, waving flags, and blowing horns. It's crazy! I taught this morning, and my students mentioned there was a strike going on today and that I should watch out, but I had no idea it would be this crazy. I'm literally sitting in my house right now listening to what sounds like a war going on-- gunshots and screaming and whatnot.

Actually, it's pretty cool. Argentines are well known protesters. They love a good strike. And it's inconvenient, but man, they are really inconveniencing the city a ton right now, which means someone is most likely listening. I respect that. I don't think Americans protest enough.

Just a thought.

Off to more class... assuming, of course, my bus is able to bust through this traffic.