Monday, April 20, 2009

Reggae, mon

I love my roommates. I really lucked out. Julie, Andrea and I have this hilarious habit of sitting around the kitchen together drinking wine and watching MUCH Music, which is basically the MTV equivalent in Buenos Aires (only MUCH shows actual music videos). It's pretty addicting/ entertaining.

On Friday, during a Fidel Nadal video, an alert scrolled across the screen that he'd be in town this weekend. So I googled it and found out that he was playing on Sunday (last night!) and even better, at a club in my neighborhood! I didn't even know I had a music venue in my neighborhood, but apparently this place, La Trastienda, gets pretty big name bands. For example, George Clinton will be there next month, as will the Argentine classic band Divididos. Looks like I'll be spending some serious time there..

Anyway, me and my lady roommates went to the show together, plus my friend Megan too, and had a blast! Fidel is amazing in concert. It was a fun vibe, very mellow and full of hippies, and I had a blast just dancing and enjoying the tunes. Oh, and of course I did some pretty amazing dreadlock and mullet watching. Oh, man. The winner was definitely this guy:

Yeah, you're so jealous of his press-on dreaded rat tail. (Press-on because I am convinced that it is somehow fake and he attached it to his head, because I mean, come on, it's different color than his hair!!!)

Anyway, here's a 'lil video I took. You can briefly see all of us-- first Megan, then Julie (drinking), then Andrea and then me with a big goofy smile on my face.

And here's one that's a bit better and has a nice big chunk of the song "International Love." I briefly show my mug in this one, too. Please excuse the world's worst videography.