Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I am pleased to announce that I am currently working 23 hours a week, and I am horrified/ excited to announce that beginning in about 2 weeks I will be up to 41!!! Which is both good and bad! Good because I will be making enough to save money for traveling around S. America around the end of the year (plan is to travel December-February), but bad because when you add in lesson planning and travel time, I'll be working more like 70 hours a week, and thus will have no life.

Small price to pay for saving for the trip of my life, I suppose. ;-)

So specifically I am working 11 hours a week for Vivian and 12 for the Institite. I like the vast majority of my students, and though the materials are sometimes extremely disorganized, both the Institute and Vivian have been better about giving me something to work with. This is a great improvement over when I started a month ago and was literally inventing lesson plans, exercises and worksheets off the top of my head... and robbed off the internet.

The other hours will come from the Hostel where I will be starting to work soon! I am VERY excited about this! Diego, my roommate and landlord, is also the owner of a brand new hostel right around the corner from my house. The hostel is actually opening next week, so I will start working reception there just as soon as the reservations start rolling in. I'll be doing around 18 hours a week there, not getting paid a ton, but having fun, I'm sure. Working in a hostel is so appealing to me because you spend your day meeting new, interesting people from all over the world! I was recruited by Diego for my outgoing personality and the fact that I am bilingual, so I think it's going to be a really good fit for me. Can't wait!

Lastly-- MY MOM AND BILL ARE COMING DOWN ON MAY 20TH!!! I'm so excited for my very first visitors!!! Hopefully I won't have to work through their entire trip. ;-) No but seriously, I am counting down the days, and couldn't be more excited to see them. Yay!

So who's coming next???