Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boredom leads to haircuts

I finished teaching a class yesterday, and had a couple hours to kill, and got kind of bored/ distracted just sitting around in my room... so I took out my scissors and cut my bangs really short. It seemed like a wise way to pass time.

Thoughts? I kinda like it. For now.

Maybe I should go into the bang trimming industry rather than English teaching??


Christie said...

Ricksten! I think you definitely have a career in bang-cutting if teaching doesn't work out :) Just kidding. I am sure you are a terrific teacher AND a great bang-cutter (would you be called a Banger? ha ha). I just read all of your posts and at this point to comment on everything would be boring even to you, but I do want to say that it sounds like you dove right in and are having a great time and it's great to be able to know that and share that through reading your blog. I also realized the value of a blog, for me personally. I get that sharing about your day and what you did gives it value and you get to create the story to go however you want and thus feel about it however you say you do. Very cool. I can see blogging about my life here and how that would actually alter my experience of it all. Speaking of which, it seems in life for me like all the pieces are meeting up and I am opening up and feeling very excited about what I am up to and what is ahead. And I want you to know that your inspiring choice to get a bit uncomfortable and to take this adventure on is one of the pieces that spoke to me along the way and has inspired me to get a bit uncomfortable, participate in new ways and get engaged in life! Very cool. Thanks.

Congratulations on your apartment! It sounds fantastic and I am very happy you feel so at home there. I can completely appreciate that and how important that can be. I can't wait to visit you there! :)

I am going to do my best to handle the skype thing tomorrow or at least get the ball rolling and take some essential actions in that area :) So, let's say that this week I will get myself up and running and we can maybe plan for a face-to-face date? If not during the week then at some point over the weekend?

I love you and although I miss you I am more aware of how excited I am for you!!!

All my love,
Yo Sista, Dis

kirsten said...

OMG your hair looks great. i am so impressed!!!

heather said...

i love it! you look ravishing, dahling! xo

The Didden Family said...

You look so pretty, Vlattie!!! I love the bangs--very soft but edgy at the same time (just like you!) :) Love you and miss you lots! So glad B.A. is proving to be the adventure you'd hoped for!!

Hi, I'm Erica. said...

Thanks everyone! I'm enjoying the change. I'm also enjoying the fact that they naturally make it look like I styled my hair, even when I didn't. ;-)