Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jazzy Tango for the Soul

Although I probably should have been staying in tonight preparing tomorrow's lesson plan on "ordering food in a restaurant," I opted instead to go to see a jazzy tango orchestra concert by a local group called the Fernandez Fierro Orquesta. It was incredible! Accordion has never sounded so beautiful. There were 12 people total-- one singer, one pianist, several accordions and violinists, plus a cello and an upright bass (which we all, of course, know is my favorite instrument of all time). I really found the music beautiful, sultry, and inspiring, and I'm so glad I ventured out. If only it hadn't been well over 100 degrees in there (quite literally), it would have been perfect! Luckily, my program got me in for free, saving me $15 pesos. :-)

Every time a song ended, or actually just a mere moment before, there was a girl off to the side of the room who would always scream "Bravo!" without missing a beat. We couldn't figure out how she always knew, down to the millisecond, exactly when the song was end, so we ended up turning it into a little game. Could we yell "Bravo" before her, but still at the appropriate time?! This turned into bets, dares, and finally the ultimate Double Dog Dare, but in the end we were defeated. She was just too good. (Ever the conspiracy theorist, I'm convinced she was being paid by the band.)

Anyway, now at a mere 2:30am I am getting snuggled into bed and trying to get a bit of sleep before tomorrow's class. I will teach a beginner lesson tomorrow on the aforementioned topic, which should be interesting because it's my first "beginner" lesson. I'm also planning one for Friday that I will teach to an Intermediate class on the topic of "getting through US Customs and Immigration." It's a crazy topic, really, and one I think they will find quite useful. Hopefully I won't scare them too much, as I found out in my own research on the Homeland Seecurity webpage that in addition to scaring the pants off people with our intimidating officers asking intimidating questions, we also actually take everyone's fingerprints and EYEBALL SCANS these days when they enter the US. Nuts! There's one good solid reason to be an American. Entering Argentina took all of 2 seconds, and there were definitely no elaborate scanning and tracking devices involved. Apparently tourists entering the US also have to answer the direct question, "Are you a terrorist?" Sheesh!

Anyway, you can tell I'm tired because I'm rambling about terrorism. Love to all!


Amanda said...

You'd have to be a really stupid terrorist to say Yes to the "Are you a Terrorist?" question

Hi, I'm Erica. said...

Seriously. So tomorrow when I teach the class on "how to go through US customs," I'm going to take care to remind them to be sure to check the box that says "No." That'd be a bad question to get wrong. :-/

kirsten said...

hahaha that reminds me of when i was in puerto rico flying back to boston one spring break and there was this dude sitting at a podium in the middle of the airport (not a checkpoint or anything) with a printout that said "HOMELAND SECURITY" in, like, times new roman and a picture of the seal and he goes "hey, guys, uh, you all got green cards right?"

good job, america.

Heather said...

And hopefully your students will know better than to take presents from strangers en route to the good ole U. S. of A.