Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UPDATE: I'm not going to be homeless!

I found an apartment yesterday! That I LOOOOVEEE!!!! I'm so excited! Finally, I can stop this apartment hunting madness. Oh, man, that was getting really intense. (Great stories though) ;-)

The place is located in a neighborhood called San Telmo (here, read this), which is a cute, colonial-style part of town with a thriving nightlife and plenty going on! I love it. Well, actually, I've only been there like 3 times, but each time I really liked it! And I hear it's a great place to live, minus being slightly sketchy at night (I promise, Mom and Dad, to be careful). I will also be living only 3 blocks from the famous Plaza Dorrego, mentioned in that wikipedia link, which is where the market is held each weekend, and also is just a fun place to sit, hang out, have a beer, and listen to the musicians.

The apartment is exactly what I've been waiting for. You know, that feeling when you walk in, that you could imagine yourself walking in again and again and feeling like you're really home. I had that feeling. Every other place just felt wrong-- felt dingy, felt like I'd be in someone else's space, felt too cluttered or just not right.

Maybe it's that I'm American, and therefore have sort of high expectations or something, but the first thing that really got me excited was how clean it was. It's brand spanking new! New hardwood floors, freshly painted white walls, and new kitchen appliances-- a dream, compared to some of the nasty, broken down things I've been seeing. Clean bathrooms! A fully functioning kitchen! And a general feeling of lightness and breeziness. Sun was pouring through all the windows. I don't know, it was just... nice.

The room itself is the smallest in the house-- there are 5 all together-- yet still not claustrophobic. It has a twin size bed, a desk, and an armoire, and best of all it has its own balcony! Granted, it's a small balcony, not really big enough to stand on, but big enough to enjoy and put some plants on anyway! I love it.

I'll be living with 4 other people in a very multi-national household. First there is Diego, a 26 year old porteƱo (local guy) who actually owns the apartment. He's fantastic. He's actually the only one I met, but we instantly clicked. He's traveled a ton and seems like very relaxed guy. He and his sister are opening up their own hosetl around the corner too, which I got to see under construction, and looks like it's going to be very nice. He's quite the entrepreneur, I'd say. Anyway, there will also be another American girl who's around 26, an Australian guy who I think is about 32, and a French woman who I believe is 27-ish. So we're all around the same age, and supposedly everyone gets along very well. Best of all, we're all going to be working, so it won't be some sort of student household.

Oh-- and there is a roofdeck! Granted, it's shared with the entire building, but whatever. I can catch some rays out there. I love roofdecks!!!

So yeah, I paid a deposit, and can go over and get my keys on Sunday. I am reeeeally looking forward to it! It will be fun to have a new neighborhood to explore, and some new roommates to get to know. Hopefully they are all cool. Next week, I'll start moving things in a bit, but I'll stay here in the dorm to sleep, since I will still be in school for one more week, and the school is right next door. Then, I'll move for good next Friday!

Oh, and next Friday I'm also going for a long weekend with a bunch of people from my class to a beach called Necochea, where one of my classmates has a family beach house. Yess!!! After all this work, it'll be amazing to relax and soak up some rays.