Thursday, February 12, 2009

I taught a class AND got a can of beans!


That, my friends, is my can of beans. Ali works miracles, and found them at a store near her house for 5 pesos. Overpriced, but frankly, I'd pay triple. BURRITOS!! I am going to have burritos. *sigh of relief*

I taught my very first class today, and I didn't die! That is a great start. I was actually over-prepared, in the sense that I had more material ready than we had time to go through. It was an "intermediate" level class, and only 2 people showed up (they told me 1-6 would, so I guess 2 is better than 1!), and one was quite advanced, while they other was more of a beginner. It was a challenge because we had to go very slowly even though the other woman wanted to move along more quickly. But overall, I think I did a decent job for my first time! It was challenging, but the students seemed to enjoy it enough (they didn't hate me anyway, which is always a good sign), and I certainly feel like it was great practice and experience. I feel a bit more confident now. Which is good because I am teaching again tomorrow, this time advanced level!

Anyway, I got out of class and walked pretty much directly to Ali and Bata's house for dinner. Ali made fresh pasta with a delicious homemade tomato sauce, a caprese salad, and fresh bread. It was soooo good, and was also so great to get out of the house! I feel like I have been holed up for 3 days doing nothing but lesson planning, and I needed a break! They are wonderful, and I'm so lucky to have friends in town to give me that family feel. Ahhhh I needed it!

You know what else I need? Weekend. Saturday the plan is to go exploring around the city and see some of the hot spots, and then try to convince some of the students on my program to go out on Saturday night. Should be fun! Sunday night I am going to an asado with some of Ali's friends, which of course should be a blast! Oh man, listen to me. My brain has already fast-forwarded to the weekend. I am exhausted and need a serious brain break. This program is no joke!