Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cleanse: Day 1

I'm back on the Cleanse!!! And I have a very strong suspicion that this may be one of my biggest challenges for a long time.

I won't bore you with the itty bitty specifics, although feel free to email me if you'd like them. The point is, the Cleanse (something I stole from my dear sister Christie) has several purposes, and I assure you it is not just a "diet." Goals include:

1. Physically feeling better-- losing a few pounds, cleaning out the toxins, getting my eating back on track.
2. Emotional cleansing-- I've been having a rough patch lately, and could use a nice new heavy dose of happiness, confidence, and clarity.
3. Life organization-- Clean my room. Fix my work schedule. Set some financial goals. Create a life that is satisfying and works for me.

This starts today, and will continue for a month. No alcohol! I hate admitting it, but that will probably be the most difficult part. I have already cleaned out my kitchen cabinets and replaced the bread, pasta, cheese, etc with beans, brown rice, and plenty of fruit and veggies. As a matter of fact, I will essentially be both vegan and straightedge for the next month, a near impossible feat in a country like Argentina! I've also already put a lot of energy into sorting out my work life, and have somehow pieced together a schedule that I think is far better than it has ever been before! So hopefully in the next month or so, I can start actually saving money and not just breaking even, or burning through my savings.

Anyway, thanks for your support!


heather said...

good for you!!! when you make up your mind, you always pull through!
xoxoxoxoxo always (and my mate is not far away!)

atown said...

I was thinking about doing that - but I don't know if I could go for a whole month. Good luck :)