Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Oh, trendy pandemics! Hark, mighty power of thy fatal disease scare!

Remember that time that Mexico City shut down because of the Swine Flu (aka Gripe A)? You do? Or maybe you forgot because the swine flu scare is soooo 5 minutes ago?? Yeah, well, just as tucking your jeans into your boots juuuust came into style down here, apparently Argentina was the last to get the Pig Flu memo as well...

Right now, just as I was starting to settle into a nice dengue-less, paranoia-less, southern hemisphere winter existence, the city of Buenos Aires has to go all Mexico City on me. When I showed up at work today, I was informed that any of my classes involving children (which shockingly/ unfortunately is several) would be canceled for the whole month of July. Wooow!! What an awesome time to be a kid in Buenos Aires!!! And what a lame time to be the silly teacher losing money on lost hours to teach them.

The papers are saying that other stuff will still be open, but I'm worrying it won't be long now before an emergency crisis is declared, and every bar, nightclub, sports venue and bath house in the city locks its doors. Now THAT, my friends, is worth panicking about!

(With the 4th of July being this Saturday, and with that eerily coinciding with the day my alcohol cleanse ends, it's just extremely important that nothing too extreme happen.)

I, for one, am not afraid of a flu that only kills elderly, babies, people with compromised immune systems (mine's doing great, btw), and can't even out-kill the common flu. I mean, COME ON, we are going to close down for what now?


I've never been into systematic scare tactics. Mad Cow, Bird Flu... they all flew right over my head. It's time this one went with the way of the DoDo as well.