Monday, June 15, 2009

I feel good! (nee-ner-nee-ner-nee-ner-nuh)

I have officially been on the alcohol cleanse for 9 days, and the complete cleanse (including food and lifestyle) for 6 days, and I must say, I feel better than I have in ages. The food I was eating, the alcohol I was drinking, and the stressful, unbalanced lifestyle I was living clearly were not working for me, and it was time for a change. Right now I feel not only healthy, but also proud to have taken this on in a city that doesn't make it easy! Every day I face challenges to my diet, and peer pressure from those around me to eat/ drink/ do things that I have chosen to eliminate. But the fact that I have said "no" to all of those things now for over a week has been an empowering experience, and the fact that this Cleanse is more difficult than any I have done before has made it only that much more worthwhile.

I had a great long weekend with friends (today is Flag Day, or something, so I didn't have to work), and I watched them eat and imbibe as usual, and I happily sipped my water, ate my lentils, and enjoyed the show. I still went out 3 nights and had a great time! I also threw a little dinner party last night with some close friends (my roommates Julie and Andrea, friends Claire, Marisa, Charlotte, and Bata) and subjected them to my cleanse-friendly dinner of salad, hearty lentil stew, and brown rice. Everyone loved the food and had a blast, and we even played drinking games-- every time I had to "drink" I took a big slurp off my mate. That'll give you a buzz!

Anyway, I'm lucky I have supportive friends, and I'm proud to have taken this on. Really, my body and more importantly my soul are feeling good. I am acutely aware at this point how very necessary these changes were to my happiness and sanity.

I'll leave it at that-- 3 weeks to go!


atown said...

Yay! Awesome, Erica! I miss you. I wish I could do the cleanse with you. I need motivation and help with my food choices (I'm OK on keeping the alcohol at the minimum)...but for some reason, I give in to every food craving I have! Good luck, and I'm happy you're feeling better.

heather said...

bravo, sweetums! you're doing waaay better than we are. jessups here last night and the four of us polished off a whole HALF-GALLON of vienna mocha chip! needless to say we need to get back on track. you are our role model and inspiration.

love and hugs and mucho besos.
xoxoxoxo mom and billy