Monday, June 8, 2009

How to pick up a foxy lady in Argentina

In Argentina, a piropo is a pick-up line, or a catcall. And believe me, if you are a woman in Buenos Aires, you hear them allll dayyyy looonnngggg.

I generally get the same old thing: "Hola, colo, sos re linda!" This is very Argentine. Colo is short for colorada, which is Argentine (not Spanish, Argentine!) for "redhead." Sos is the vos form of "your are," again, a form only used in Argentina. Linda means "beautiful." And re is Argentine for muy, or "very." So basically it's, "Hi, redhead, you're very beautiful." (BARF)

So there you have it. Now you all know how to hit on me in Argentine. Not Spanish! Argentine.

Oh, and one more thing: Ali recently received THE BEST PIROPO OF ALL TIME!!! Ahahaha I absolutely must share this on the internet, sorry Ali!

She was walking down the street and a guy said to her, "Con ese culo, te invito a cagar en mi depto!" which means, "With an ass like that, you can come shit at my house!"

Ahahahaha!!! Best pick up line of all time. All others will be measured against this one forevermore.