Monday, December 29, 2008

Catty, jealous, and anorexic

Possibly the thing I will miss the most when I leave Boston is my girl posse. (Shout out, ladies!) I love these women. I mean, finally, after years of searching, I have found a group of women who understand my sarcastic sense of humor and can dish it right back, who can keep up with my unhealthy drinking habits, and whose minds are as deeply in the gutter as mine. It was true love at first sight.

And now I am leaving them. God, this sucks. But hey, on to new friends, right?

For starters, my amazing friend Ali lives in Buenos Aires (thank God), so I know I'll automatically have one girl friend when I get there! Awesome!

However, she issued me a warning: The girls there won't like me, she says. The fact that I am outgoing, confident, independent, and sarcastic means that I will probably have trouble making girlfriends there. (I thought those things were what made me awesome?! Well damn, I guess they didn't get the memo.)

As she puts it, Argentine women are "catty, jealous, and anorexic." Sounds like a winning combination... *cough*



The Didden Family said...

Vlattie, I'm a little insulted... I mean, didn't I satisfy ALL of your "girl" criteria (raunchy, sarcastic sense of humor; crazy tendencies; a complete lack of concern about personal appearances...) in our freshman year of high school? Just remember, it's Five Dollar Mock Bob's Cooter Stew.

Erica said...

Oh, Rae, you know you are the only stinky, matty-headed, Mudhoney-obsessed teenager I ever loved. :) If only you had been a whole *group* of girls, maybe we could have assembled a posse much earlier in life... le sigh.