Saturday, December 27, 2008


My mind is mud. I'm worrying. I'm realizing that most of my life goals are contradictions of each other, and I'm wondering more and more each day how and when I am ever going to 'figure it out'? I want to be settled, and to travel. I want my independence, along with true love. I want to write, teach, inspire, learn, explore, save the world-- all on my own terms. I want it all, I guess.

Which brings me to the situation at hand... Have I made the wrong decision?

I think this officially qualifies as Panic Mode.


The Didden Family said...

Sometimes, it's good to panic-- it shows that you're realistic. But don't worry about this; it's going to be amazing and soul-building! :) You can settle, find true love, and save the world on your own terms when you get back, which won't be too far away! xoxo

[dave] said...

hell no.

you're gonna cause some international trouble and eat/pray/wreck shit up big-style.

its gonna be great and i've already parked myself at this blog to watch the fun so you can't disappoint.