Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year in Review

2008 was pretty amazing!

Okay, so we had to deal with more of W. Bush, but hey, we got Obama!!! And yeah, I failed at yet another relationship, but whatevs... being single is a lot better than it sounds. And sure, the economy sucks.. but hell, that's why I'm leaving the country! It's all good. Plus, over the course of the year I made lots of new friends (girl posse holler!!!) and even got back in touch with some old friends I'd lost. I was productive too-- I built a bike, joined a dance troupe (The Junkettes!), and rode my bike 125 miles for AIDS Action and raised over $1,500! I had a ton of dance parties, bike adventures, giggle fits, and enjoyed countless friendly shenanigans with the ones I love, and made so many incredible memories.

Last but not least, I finally took the necessary steps to realize my dream of living and working abroad, and now off I go to teach English in Argentina... I am so excited! This is possibly my biggest adventure to date, and who knows what the future holds? Hopefully lots of tango, new friends, and career success!

And now I am ready to welcome an even better year: 2009! That's right, kids, it's time to ring in the new year. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for it. After all, 2008 is SO 5 minutes ago... and 2009 is the new black.

In all seriousness, much love, happiness, health, and prosperity to you in the new year! May you have many bodacious adventures of your own ahead.

Here's to 2009 shenanigans!


Jeff next door said...

"I failed at yet another relationship....." naaaaaahh. Just 'cause a relationship ends DOESN'T mean that YOU or it failed. It's another step on your path. Some steps are more pebbly than others. Dip your toes in that warm Argentinian ocean sand for me.